Toronto City Council web of shifting alliances, 2013 edition

So in a kind of now yearly tradition, near the end of October I spent a day downloading 45 voting records by hand because I can’t figure out how to do a batch download on the City of Toronto’s meeting monitor. Yeah, I guess I’m about a month late, but luckily, nothing interesting has happened in Toronto municipal politics in the month of November, nope, nothing at all.

So here’s what came out of it:

The above graph represents the voting correspondence for the entire 2010-2014 term to date (which, at the time of writing includes up to the October 11, 2013 meeting). Reminder: black means they voted together more than 90% of the time, blue 92.5% and green 95%. No line means they voted together less than 90% of the time. The following is a snapshot of the past year, from the October 30, 2012 meeting to the October 11, 2013 meeting.

This picture may look familiar to those of you who are familiar with Rob Ford when he was just the councillor for Ward 2.

It’s kind of hard to say what’s up with the rest of council. If you recognize any of the names, it’s really hard to draw a nice circle around any group. I guess you can say this is some evidence of wildly shifting alliances among council, which wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

The one thing the mayor is consistently great at is burning bridges. This is a skill he possessed long before his global debut as crack mayor and is a skill that many predicted would give him some trouble back during the campaign of 2010. Of course, there are others scheming on council and the whole situation is fairly volatile. Before, you could say that council was polarized, but there’s much more of a fine gradient going on here.

Anyway, God only knows what this’ll look like once election season is in full swing. You only need to dig up last year’s edition of this where I started off with “2012 has been a hell of a year” to have a good laugh. Anyway, the last regularly scheduled council meeting is in August 2014. And I mean, really, no one saw this coming. The drinking and coke-doing was a huge rumour among the City Hall folk and all, but no one saw any of this getting decisively revealed ever.

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